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The vision of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) was formed and plans were made to lay the foundation in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

The aim being to put the Kingdom of God as the first priority in our business lives and to teach and train men and women to respond to the biblical challenge of a walk with Christ in the market place.

The founder of ICCC, J. Gunnar Olson, often teaches about “a release under the Lordship of Christ”. Drawing on insights and wisdom from walking with the Lord in his own business life, coupled with the foundational Word of God.

History of the ICCC


Gunnar wants to show that, through the redemptive work of Jesus, there is indeed a freedom from slavery to be experienced also in our professional and business lives.

A prophetic start

At the end of 1984 a conference was held in Örebro, Sweden, with the theme “Big Brother or the Kingdom of
God?” This conference, with Intercessors International, became the platform from which Gunnar shared for the first time his vision and dream of an International Christian Chamber of Commerce. “I had carried the vision for several years, but now the Lord showed me that the time had come to take a bold step and dress the vision in words.



Close to the time of the conference, and full of fear about making a mistake, I cried out to the Lord for a sign.

The Lord answered my heart’s cry and encouraged me, through an American businessman who called from Paris and wanted to see me at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. He would fly in just over lunchtime and return later the same day. When meeting him at the airport he said, “Now is the time to speak what you have in your heart. And this shall be your sign!” When I asked him “what are you talking about?” he answered, “I don’t know.” As he spoke, he reached into his briefcase and handed over 2,000 lapel pins. This is today the ICCC symbol.”
This was the first in a series of prophetic confirmations, which led to the initiation of the ICCC. “


ICCC is today represented in all continents of the world with members in some 70 nations.

“When looking back on the history of ICCC, I feel as if I have had to run as fast as I could in front of a big train, so as not to be run over”, says Gunnar. “I am deeply touched and humbled when thinking of all the loving work performed by the members of the International Board and members in individual countries.

“The members of the ICCC are individuals with a calling to the market place in businesses and corporations.”

“Today we are a world-wide network with contacts enabling national and international ties with Christian businessmen and women, but our calling is like that of Joseph: God has given us a Joseph calling for our time and for the time to come.”

What about ethics?

Gunnar talks about a walk of faith in obedience to the Word of God without losing sight of professional excellence.

The experience of following the Lord Jesus in this walk is as dramatic as it must have been for the Jews in slavery under the Egyptians. As with the Israelites under Moses, we find that the hardest part of the walk from slavery to freedom is to get the “slavery mentality” out of us. But also to discover that the freedom under Christ is real, not just religious jargon.”
From a biblical perspective there are no real ethical standards unless they demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit resulting from our walk in obedience to God’s Word. “This is key, unless we are satisfied with our own good works, which amounts to nothing before the Lord”.


ICCC Exhibition


“Often our business life is locally oriented, but our calling in the Lord is definitely international”, Gunnar says.

“Therefore we need to be known and recognised not only by God, but also by each other in order to function as members of one body called for the purpose of His Kingdom.” One way of accomplishing this has been the encouragement of trade delegations visiting other nations and opening new markets.

Some wonderful expressions of this aspect of ICCC, has become visible over the years through the:

  • “Shalom Israel” Conference in Jerusalem 1992. When trade delegations from 29 nations visited Israel and entered into business relations with Israeli counterparts in order to assist Israel in the job-creation process for the returning Jews making their “Aliyah” to the Land of Promise.

ICCC Asia Conference


  • “To Russia with Love” Conference in Moscow 1994. A Conference offering multiple business seminars a fashion show and a trade exhibition, involved more than 40 nations.
  • “Gateway to Asia” Conference in Sri Lanka 1995 was the first ever ICCC International Leaders Conference and the funding start for the “You Can Start a Business” programs being produced for the China Education TV. These programs were in 1996 followed by over 100 million Chinese, resulting in the creation of 100,000 jobs (according to Chinese statistics).
  • “Where Eagles Soar – Entering our Business Destiny” Conference in Israel 2002, where 1,100 pre-arranged Business Meetings were concluded. During these days ICCC signed an agreement with the Federation of Israeli Chamber of Commerce to represent the Israeli Business Community among the Christians world-wide.

ICCC Israel Burundi Trade Agreement


  • “Approaching a New Era – Serving the Nations” International Business Congress in Israel 2008 enabling the signing of a Declaration on Trade and Economic Cooperation between Israel and each of the nations: Benin, Burundi, Liberia and Rwanda. Following the heart of Theodor Herzl, who said 1902: “Once I have witnessed the redemption of the Jews, my people, I wish also to assist in the redemption of the Africans”.

Beside these International Events a good number of similar activities have also been organised by individual ICCC Nations, resulting in very interesting business ventures, investments etc.

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