ICCC was born with a clear understanding that God wanted to show the difference between those who serve The Lord and those who serve Him not. (Mal. 3) As it relates to our calling this difference can be attained only through the manifestation of a walk of faith in the market place.  It is not enough to only demonstrate good ethical and moral standards, although this is an immediate result from an intimate walk with God. The understanding of how to merge this walk of faith – which requires hearing and obeying – with a professional approach to business is the unique difference between ICCC and most of the other market place ministries. Many of whom are focusing either on evangelism or ethics and morals. The problem is, that we can only effectively teach this truth to the world by “living it, and demonstrating it, by walking the talk!”

Why is this important? The market place is clearly the final battleground, before the coming of Christ, and God wants to make His statement in this area. It is an aspect of God’s righteousness to establish the testimony to the world, and to demonstrate the difference, before judgment comes. In Exodus 13:13 we see the instruction given concerning the firstborn of a donkey – the beast of the burden – to be redeemed by a lamb. This testifies of a redemptive quality of life, which is only applied to the “beast of the burden” – the working life.

It was also becoming manifest at Christ’s redemption when, the divide between secular and sacred was torn, and the way was opened into the holy of holiest.  This has been a pillar of our understanding of our calling to the market place.

What is said above was illustrated at Jesus triumphant entry, when He sent his disciples into the village ahead of them with the command: “loose the donkey”. The beast of the burden had been tied to the stake “of slavery – death” until that time. (An observation: The disciples laid their mantles on the donkeys foal, and Jesus sat on their mantles, while the foal was positioned under Christ. The people laid their mantles on the road for the donkey to walk on. The mantle signifying the social status).  The triumphant entry is prophetic and speaks of His second coming as King.

Hence ICCC’s most important calling is to be that testimony, and to demonstrate His presence, and that difference, mentioned in my first paragraph. Having said that; there is a glory dimension of His presence, which we have not seen as yet. It can be likened to the Pillar of Cloud by day, and the Pillar of fire at night, or the fall of the walls at Jericho. It is the supernatural and awesome testimony of His own presence. I dream of that day when a remnant of His people experience this in the market place in a bigger scale to the glory of His name.

Finally, when the testimony of God, as it relates to the market place is clearly manifest, it signifies the time of impending judgement. In this respect God has called us into a very prophetic calling.