ICCC UK is all about demonstrating the coming Kingdom as we partner with God in our day-to-day adventure of faith in the marketplace – this is Business Unlimited!

Connecting people from local to global.

Since inception in 1985 the ICCC has spread around the world, including local groups on every continent.  Here in the UK we have: 

  • an active membership, 
  • regular events throughout the regions, 
  • a network of faith-filled believers impacting the marketplace.

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Building relationships through a shared purpose.

The ICCC calls men and women, young and old, to an adventure with God in every aspect of our lives.  Our calling as believers is: 

  • to live in a new dimension of resurrection life, 
  • to be led by the Holy Spirit in our work and business, 
  • to support and encourage one another,
  • to experience the Kingdom of God in the marketplace.

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Encouraging a Journey of Adventure with God in Business

  • Opening hearts and minds to Him, listening to His voice.
  • Learning to take steps of faith in line with what we have heard God say.
  • Implementing God’s solutions in practical situations.

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