Many of us in ICCC UK have experienced God at work – in our relationships in our workplaces, in our decisions for our businesses, and in miracles demonstrating His love for us in every aspect of life. We’d love you to join us!

ICCC UK Membership means you are joining with an encouraging and equipping group of faith-filled believers who want to see one another succeed in our spheres of influence as we outwork Father’s heart for the marketplace – in every aspect of our business and work lives.


Benefits of ICCC UK Membership include:

Access to a members’ only WhatsApp group where you:

  • will be encouraged by testimonies of God at work (and share your own!);
  • have opportunity to share prayer requests and pray for others;
  • be able ask for support in your working life and offer it to others.
Participate in our Mentoring Programme:

  • be mentored by those a little further on in their faith walk;
  • offer mentoring to those who you can help with your experience;
  • grow to full potential as “iron-sharpens-iron”.
Becoming an active part of a nationwide community of like-minded believers seeking the coming Kingdom in our working lives, in our businesses, and in the marketplace:

  • Local groups being established throughout the regions;
  • Special events, courses and conferences;
  • Relational network for support, encouragement and learning.
Prayer support for you and your business:

  • Ongoing prayer from our intercessory team;
  • Opportunity for specific prayer for your business or work situation;
  • Prayer visits to your workplace (dependent on location).

Attend ICCC UK Business Unlimited events:

  • Local groups meeting together regularly, in some regions, to study, pray and inspire one another;
  • National days and annual conference to build faith, encourage relationships, and grow in God;
  • Receive a 5% discount for all ICCC UK Business Unlimited events and TWL courses (where a fee is charged).

As part of ICCC UK Membership:

  • Automatically become a member of the wider ICCC network with links around the globe;
  • Invitations to International events and those in other nations;
  • Connections with other believers in businesses on every continent.

And as part of ICCC UK Membership, you automatically become a member of the wider ICCC network with links around the globe, with invitations to international events and those in other nations, as well as connections with other believers in businesses on every continent.

To find out more about membership, contact us or to apply, complete the form below.



Executive £80 per year
Small Business (<£70k t/o) £80 per year
Medium Business (>£70k <£350k t/o) £240 per year
Large Business (>350k t/o) £480 per year
Young Professional (<35 years old) £40 per year

Membership Application Form: